Year of the Pig cards.  Buy now!

Year of the Pig cards. Buy now!


The client needed a logo that conveyed the importance of posture and the hands on experience of bodywork. Using lower-case type treatment of Juliet Delillo's initials we created a logo that was iconic and easy to read.

A. Linder Recruiters wanted a logo that was both professional but also versatile. As part of the company's environmental-awareness mission, it was a sponsor for an elephant-saving foundation event and wanted to create promotional material that was topic-specific. We created a logo in which the A in A. Linder Recruiters had enough weight to be versatile with different overlay of colors or patterns. Here is the jungle theme version.

The client specified that Ganesha was to be the iconic symbol for her brand and that it should convey a sense of ease and flow, so we created this abstract illustration as part of her identity.